ATAG Boilers

ATAG Boilers

ATAG Boillers

Boilers built to last

For more than 68 years, ATAG has been leading the way in heating technology, providing energy efficiency to homes worldwide. Their manufacturing expertise has helped thousands of homeowners save money on their energy bills. ATAG boilers use only quality metal and brass components because our products are built to last - that's why we offer a fantastic 10 year guarantee on our ATAG boilers.

ATAG Boiler Installations Are

  • Carried out to the highest standards.
  • Installed with Efficiency and Effectiveness in mind.
  • Fitted with the highest Quality Magnetic and Air System Filters
  • Fully Flushed System for long lasting performance
  • Come with a 10 Year Guarantee on the Boiler and a Lifetime Guarantee on the Main Heat Exchanger

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